Materials and Designs for Every Application


When your goal is warmth and comfort, carpet is the obvious solution. With color and pattern options to fit any space, carpet has the ability to anchor a wide range of room aesthetics based on your design plan. We can also provide you with custom area rugs to enhance your room's decor and atmosphere.


As our professional painting teams are constantly inspecting their own work, we can guarantee that we'll leave you saying WOW! Our team of painters will show up on time and provide you with the quality you expect in a timeline that's unexpected. Essentially, when you use a professional painting service, you're guaranteeing a great paint job that won't require any touch ups on your part. It's a white glove service in every sense of the word.

minor remodling

Custom Remodel: We can transform your basement from just extra space into an appealing destination point in your home. We design basements with bars, wine cellars, media rooms, poker rooms, dance and art studios, arcades, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. A customized lower level can change the way you live and play for the better.

Ceramic , Porcelain & Natural Stone

When you want to make a statement in your Kitchen, Bathroom, Foyer or Basement, porcelain or natural stone is where it's at. Easily the most durable flooring, these options give you a high class look worthy of royalty.

Wood Flooring

Beauty. It's obvious, right? High class, pre-finished hardwoods like American Oak all the way to Exotics like Brazilian Walnut. Wood can be at home in almost any environment, treated in a traditional way or with a modern spin.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Easily the most versatile and fastest growing flooring option. LVT tiles are 100% waterproof and may be floated or glued down over most existing floors. Get that "wood look" without the maintenance LVT. Want the look of stone without having to seal or re-grout LVT.

Sheet Vinyl​

This type of resilient flooring is typically for more traditional one piece applications. Available in a multitude of looks from wood to stone to graffiti. Seams can also be heat-welded for continuous flooring.


We offer professional measuring done to exact specifications so that you are billed correctly and accurately. We also utilize the drawings done during estimate to produce accurate material ordering and installation documentation for our Certified Professional Installation Technicians.


Our warehouse facilities enable strategic staging of all the materials required for your project. As your materials come in from the manufacturers they are received, verified for accuracy and stored in a specific area with other items for your job.