CitySpaces Flooring offers a wide range of products from select distributors. Below are links to our manufacturer’s websites. Mo‍‍‍st sites will allow you to view product lines and color schemes. When you find something that appeals to you, please contact us and we will expedite a sample shipment directly to your home. CitySpaces Flooring proudly markets products from the following manufacturers…


‍‍‍  ‍‍‍

Porcelain-Ceramic-Natural Stone Tile


Designed with Pets in Mind

Rigid Core, Engineered, & Vinyl

Affordable High Fashion Carpet

Fine Carpets & Rugs

Hardwood, Laminate, & Vinyl

Hardwood, Carpets & Rugs​

Unique Old World Woven Carpets

Wool and Synthetic Carpets & Rugs​


Exquisite, Handmade Rugs

XL and Easy Lay Flooring

Unique Hardwood Flooring